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Jul 6, 2012

IMPORTANT - I have moved the site!

So I have decided to move my site. The new URL is This site gives me much more freedom. So if you have subscribed to my blog PLEASE PLEASE resubscribe on the new site. You will have to do it through the RSS feed. If you are unsure how to do that, here is the steps.

1) Go to

2) Click on the RSS button in the very top right corner of the page. (It looks like sound waves coming from a small circle)

3) It will then ask you if you would like to subscribe using google, yahoo, or some other form of blog readers. Just pick the one you use and follow the steps. :)

Thank you guys so much! I will be re-posting most of the old one from this site on the new one. And, of course, I will only be updating the new blog.

Mar 2, 2012

Some Funny Pictures I Made

So, I have been wanting to do some pictures like this for a while and I finally got around to doing it. These are all made by me. Simple, but I think they are pretty funny. I am going to make a page for them on this blog and a Link will be at the top to all of them, but here are a few.

I hope they make you laugh!

Tell me what you think! :)

Feb 28, 2012

Stars With NO makup

You know, I am not the type to blog about, or get excited at all about celebrities. For the most part I don't really see them any different then the rest of us. They are human beings like you and me and screw up like you and me. However, After seeing this new trend I had to say something.

We now have seen several stars taking pictures of themselves without any makeup on. I think this is AMAZING! I will be the first to say that I can not STAND it when women pile on the make up
, thinking it will make them beautiful. (And if you are getting offended by that you are probably the person I am talking about ;) The very simple and crucial truth is that YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL! Stop using makeup to cover up your much more attractive natural beautify. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind makeup, but you girls got to remember it is meant to accent NOT cover up or create! I think it is fair to say that most you girls out there can easily get away with a file eyeliner or nothing at all. I have seen far too many girls cake on the makeup when hey are already beautiful.

Now, on to the stars.

First off - Taylor Swift with no makeup.

I have always thought Taylor Swift is absolutely gorgeous. I actually do like some of her music and she follows it up with a very nice and innocent look. So it really wasn't much of a surprise to see that her without her makeup is just a beautiful.

She has a very natural "Girl next door" look and absolutely piercing blue eyes. She is a beautiful talented young lady. (And I have to say it is nice to see that she is wearing nice and modest apparel.)

Next up - Kim Kardashian with no makeup

So, I'm am NO fan of the Kardashians. In fact I would go as far as to say I hate those types of shows. I can't stand there attitudes mainly. Anyway, Kim Kardashian is the star of that show and yes she is very beautiful but she always has a "Makeup mask" on so not many people could say if she was truly beautiful.

Well Apparently she took a picture of  herself on her phone with no makeup and I have to say she look much better! She may be a selfish jerk but no one can argue after this that she is very pretty.

Last but not least - Snooki with no makeup

Holy crap! To show you the contrast I put a picture of Snooki without makeup beside a picture of her as she normally appears. I don't even know what else to say. I mean... look! I'm sorry, but Snooki with all that makeup on is gross! I honestly find her very very ugly with it. Not a fan, at all. Her attitude also make her even uglier.

Now, that being said, this picture of her without her makeup on is absolutely stunning! She is actually gorgeous underneath that mask she wears! Now, to be honest, I wouldn't really be surprised if this turns out not to actually be her, but if it is then Snooki.... PLEASE stop wearing makeup! You are MUCH sexier without it.

And to all you ladies out there, if this does not tell you that society is wrong, I don't know what will. You ARE beautiful!

Dec 10, 2011

Chistmas + Money = ???

I may only be 26 years old but I have definitely experienced the stress of Christmas. In fact, I would say that anyone older then the age of 17 has experienced the worry, stress, heartache, strain, and all around hassle that comes along with the Christmas season. The hassle of getting presents, the time it takes to get those presents, the disappearing of the money required, and the complete feeling of disarray can take its toll on anyone.

This year is particularly hard for me. This is the first year I have had a wife to join in on my Christmas celebration. This comes with mixed emotions of extreme joy and unprecedented stress. I have never had to look out for someone else during the hassle of Christmas, and I have never had so many bills to bay either. How is someone suppose to not only pay their bills that they scrimp to pay every month, but also find a way to get the money to buy presents and pay for a plane ticket to go see the ones they love so dear? It is amazing to me that the time of year that should be the most joyous and wonderful is the most stressful and worrisome.

Honestly, there is very little that we can do to stop this trend of hardships around Christmas time. But that is not to say we can not do something to help those around us.

Yesterday, I got a text from a good friend that I have not talked to in several months. As soon as I saw who it was from it brought a smile to my face. I was eager to talk to her and find out what has been going on in her life, but most of all I was delighted that she thought of me and sent me a text merely saying Hi.

Isn't that the spirit of Christmas? Isn't that what we should be doing to spread the love of our Savior? How hard is it to pick up your phone and push a few keys? It only takes that one small act to brighten someones day. Just say Hey. Tell them you miss them. You may not get to actually see them for Christmas, but the very fact that you are thinking about them will let them know that someone out there cares for them. That maybe the love of the Lord can spread through the hassle and chaos of the Holiday season. Don't let the hardships of this time stop you from reaching out. You really will have NO idea of the impact you may have.